girls dance team on stage





This has been written to describe our studios goals, policies and the details that go into making our program as successful as possible. All Students and parents should become familiar and abide by the rules and regulations stated. Thank you for choosing World of Dance.



Sweethearts, Gems: Pink Ballet shoes & black tap shoes Leotard w/leggings

Diamonds, Starlettes, Supremes: Tan Jazz shoes & black tap shoes. Leotard w/ leggings

Dynamics, Extremes, Excels & Elites: Tan Jazz shoes, black tap shoes & sneakers. Leotard w/ leggings. **Hair MUST be pulled back and off dancers face for all classes.

Teams: Team practice gear ONLY for practices. Hair is to be back in a pony and braid or just a braid. Family/dancer choice.

Hip-Hop: Hip-Hop classes MUST wear sneakers, leggings or sweatpants – NO JEANS OR SHORTS, tee shirt that covers mid-section completely.

As many of you have noticed Leotard & Tights is required for every single class. Dancers may wear leggings or contemporary shorts over their tights for technique beginning each class. Once technique is over they may put sweat pants & sweater. It is important that the instructor can see the dancers line in order to continue corrections throughout class.



For some new students it may be necessary to take the first week of classes as a “trial” level in order for the instructor(s) to assess the proper class level. The Director has the final word on class placement. This is to ensure students learn and also enjoy class without being overwhelmed. Incorrect placement can lead to poorly trained dancers and a frustrated student. W.O.D. likes for their students to feel successful and take pride in their work. We kindly ask for your respect in this matter.


Family Discount: $10.00 off monthly for 2nd dancer and each additional dancer

Multi Class discount: 2+ Class Discount: $10.00 off monthly for 2nd, 3rd and 4th class **(not applicable w/team as team is already discounted)



Attendance is imperative for consistent progress.
If a student is going to be absent from class due to unforeseen circumstances, call or email the studio. If students know in advance that they will be absent from class, please let the Director know before the day of the class. If students are too ill to participate they should remain at home and rest. If they are injured, they should come to class and observe. W.O.D. does not offer make-up classes.



If classes are cancelled due to weather, please visit our web page. It will be on our calendar page and home page. Emails are also sent to guarantee families are notified. Just because school is closed does not mean W.O.D. is closed!
In the event more than 2 classes have been cancelled due to weather, a make-up class will be scheduled.



Please be advised that the study of dance involves physical contact. Instructors will often need to make hands-on contact to adjust students’ alignment and to demonstrate proper motion. Students should keep the faculty informed of any recent illness, injury, or other condition that may interfere with their classwork.



Monthly payments for the months of September-May will be withdrawn between the 1st and 5th of every month unless other payments plans have been arranged. A 10% late fee is applied after the 15th of the month if tuition has not been received. Tuition is ONLY via credit card/debit card. NO CHECKS or CASH unless paying the season in full.



We expect our students to behave properly at all times. They must be disciplined, responsible, mature and respectful to their instructors and peers. Should a student act in a manner deemed inappropriate in any way, the teacher has the right to immediately dismiss them from the class. This includes offensive attitudes, poor relations with other students, bad work habits or any other unacceptable behavior.

Ongoing behavioral issues will be reported to the parents and handled on a case-by-case basis. Students will only be allowed back into class at the discretion of the instructor and director.



Cell phones may not be used during class. There will be a cell phone bin that students may put their phone in until the end of class. If a parent needs to contact their child in case of emergency, please call the studio 246-1131.



For 18 years, W.O.D. has maintained a strict NO PARENT policy for all our classes and rehearsals. This is to guarantee no distractions during class time. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to speak with Regina. We want all of our clients to be comfortable.



In a time where texting, cell phone calls, studio phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, Website inquiries – I can not keep track some days. I am best with emails and phone calls. Messaging online is not something I check often as I am not a fan of social media (even though part of the industry). The studio number does ring to my cell: 246-1131 but goes to Do Not Disturb at 10pm. Dance team parent’s may text BUT ONLY ON Convention or Competition weekends.



Parents are warmly welcomed to come see our classes and what your little one has been up to the following weeks:
Tuesday November 18th through Wednesday November 22nd
Monday March 30th through Thursday April 2nd



Monday May 4th– In Studio rehearsal 5:00-7:30pm Angels & Gems DO NOT ATTEND (combined class 4:00-5:00) Regular classes Tuesday 5/5 through Thursday 5/7
Friday 5/8 Rehearsal for ALL @ UPAC: 5:00pm-8:00pm – All classes attend – NO COSTUME
Saturday 5/9 SHOWTIME 1PM


“Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion”. Martha Graham